History Of Histology

The electron microscope examination of tissue is also primarily in the research field. Here are 0,01-0,5 microns thick slices and with a high-resolution electron microscope examined. 

Among the tasks of histopathology, the early diagnosis of tumors (eg gastric biopsy), classification of tumors (gut-/bösartig), detection of metabolic diseases, parasitic, bacterial, inflammatory diseases, assistance for the treatment choice and much more. 

As a founder of histology is Marie Francois Xavier Bichat (1771-1802), without the microscope 21 tissue types in the human body as described. The emergence of histopathology write Johannes Peter Müller (1801-1858) to the 1838 book on the nature and structural properties of cancer published. As a father of histopathology is Rudolf Virchow (1821-1902) refers.

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